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I am incredibly grateful for the orthodontic treatment provided by Dr. Ma. Previously, my teeth were severely crowded, leading to difficulties in daily cleaning and resulting in issues such as cavities and sensitivity. Recognizing the importance of oral health to overall well-being, I decided to address this issue before reaching middle age. Moreover, as someone who frequently participates in public events, having well-aligned teeth is also a matter of respect for others. After being recommended to Dr. Ma, despite facing challenges as an adult undergoing orthodontic treatment, after about three years of dedicated effort under Dr. Ma's meticulous care, my teeth have not only become aesthetically pleasing but also healthier and easier to clean. Now, I have a more confident smile and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ma to everyone!

- Fenway

Our oldest daughter suffered migranes for years. As soon as Dr. Ma started to realign her bite, the headaches subsided. We are convinced her treatment methods are far superior.

- Fulkerson Family

My wife and I found that choosing Dr. Yuci Ma to be George’s orthodontist was the best decision we’ve made. Because of this, we sent our second son, Andrew for treatment as well.

- George and Andrew's Dad

Thank you, Dr. Ma, I finally have a beautiful smile. This is the best decision I’ve made for myself. Dr. Ma and her team are great and careful. They made the process a lot less painful with care. Thank you again.

- Karman

We are very pleased about the outcome of Ruth’s smile. Pretty!! I am glad we found Dr. Ma! 

- Ruth's Mom

Dr. Ma is not only my dentist but my friend now. Throughout my entire experience with both Dr. Ma and her staff have consistently shown genuine care and dedication to my health. It seems that after each appointment I walked out the door with an even brighter, straighter smile! It is obvious that Dr. Ma works daily with dedication, patience, and care. Her staff is incredible: kind, supportive, thoughtful, and friendly. We are so grateful for all that Dr. Ma and her staff have done for us. Their constant dedication is amazing. 

- Annabel and Libby

I really liked the personal interest and patience of Dr. Ma and the staff. They made my experience with getting braces a painless one. 

- Christopher

Dr. Ma has made our experience with braces painless, effortless, and pleasant. Our initial meeting with her was informative and professional. She is gentle with her patients and speaking to them with kindness. I have one daughter, YanNi, who has completed her ortho work and has a gorgeous smile! My second daughter, Lia, is in the process and finds wearing braces comfortable. She never complains! This is because Dr. Ma and her staff always make their patients feel special, answer all their questions, and assure them of a beautiful smile once work is completed. A great experience! 

- YaNi and Lia's Mom

Thanks to Dr. Ma’s treatment. I have gained the confidence to smile more.

- Sabrina

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