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I am very satisfied with my treatment results. My overall experience was great. I even got my braces off sooner than I thought I would.

--Gavin H. 2017

I never thought that my teeth would really be fixed. Now, they are! Sure, it sounds and is pretty simple but it sums up what Dr. Ma and her staff do so well. They are very professional and walked me and my family through every step of the process. They approached my case with a lot of care, skill, and flexibility. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ma to anyone, no matter how "bad" your teeth may seem; they get it done with amazing results!

--Jeremy Y. 2016

I never thought that my teeth would really be fixed. Now, they are! Sure, it sounds and is pretty simple but it sums up what Dr. Ma and her staff do so well. They are very professional and walked me and my family through every step of the process. They approached my case with a lot of care, skill, and flexibility. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ma to anyone, no matter how "bad" your teeth may seem; they get it done with amazing results!

--Jie L. 2016

Dr. Ma is caring, efficient, cost-effective, and high skilled; a real technician. My daughters like her a lot!

--Sharon L. 2016

The experience with Dr. Ma is definitely positive. I feel so comfortable sending my child here, and I am so proud of Dr. Ma and her team.

--Zuo L. 2016

Dr. Ma's work is exceptions, and her treats her patients with the utmost care and respect. My overall experience with Dr. Ma is very positive; it made getting braces much more enjoyable, with fantastic results.

--Cynthia L. 2016

Thank you so much!! I love the way my teeth look!!

--Lucy M. 2016

Dr. Ma is one of the best orthodontists I've been to. She is kind and extremely knowledgeable in her field. My teeth have been transformed through braces and this is all thanks to her. The assistants are also kind and they know what they are doing. She is very experienced and not only will she straighten your teeth, but she focuses the majority of her time on aligning your bite so that no jaw problems arise later in life. She was always informative before each appointment, telling me exactly what she would do. I strongly recommend Dr. Ma and I can assure your that you won't be disappointed:)

--Phoebe L. 2016

Great Staff, great location. 

--Gustavo C. 2016

Dr. Ma's staff is excellent!

--Aidai S. 2016

Dr. Ma and her staff are very kind and helpful. I strongly refer Dr. Ma to my friends and actually my younger son is in the list to come here. 

--Mojgan P. 2016

It has been an enjoyable experience for me to go through the orthodontics process with Doctor Ma. I was impressed by Dr. Ma's knowledge the first time I met her. Out of a few different doctors that I contact, Dr. Ma was the only one who pointed out the jaw issue that has concerned me for many years before I told her. She is very experience and knowledgeable in this field, answered all my concerns patiently, and introduced the whole process to me. I was convinec and decided to work with her, and through the past year I have had a very good experience. Admittedly at times the progress is not as fast as I expected, but Dr. Ma was willing to accommodate all my requests and find ways to make it a better experience for me. To me, Dr. Ma is a great docor with great personality. I strongly recommend Dr. Ma. 

--Doris Z. 2015

We are very happy with Dr. Ma. My daughter has TMJ in addition to her bite problem. Dr. Ma not only took care of the TMJ but also perfectly adjusted her bite. my daughter now has a beautiful smile. Our experience with Dr. Ma was very pleasant. Each visit she would let us know the progress and what the next step would be. She is very experienced and stick to high standard. The staff are very friendly, and prompt for any question or request. 

--Shuning H. 2015

I am satisfied with my results. Any question was answered with clarity and the explanations wre thorough. Dr. Ma and her staff treated me with care, courtesy, and professionalism. I would refer my friends and family to Dr.Ma's practice. 

--Erin P. 2015

It was a very good experience. Keep doing what you'are doing~

--Hannah C. 2015

My daugher has been seeing Dr. Yuci Ma in Lexington and has always been happy with her. Dr. Ma is a very professional, caring and experienced orthodontist. She always explains all the options in details. I, as a mother, not only concerns about my dauther getting straight teeth, most of all, I am more concerned about function and long term TMJ problem, and she meets what I've been looking for. I am very confident about her professional judgement and recommendation. 

--Yi Z. 2015

Dr. Ma took care of our kids. We found her attentive, detail-oriented, and highly experienced. She listened well to the parents and was very clear with her treatment plan. Her gentle manner and skillful hands put the kids at ease. The staff at the office was very warm and helpful. It was very easy to make or reschedule an appointment. Overall, working with Dr. Ma was a very pleasant, satisfactory experience. 

--Wenjie C. 2015

It was a great experience. 

--Alex Z. 2015

Dr. Ma and her staff are ery professional and patient. One time we showed up at the wrong day for an appt and they still took us in, even though it was a mistake on our part and they totally didn't have to. Very happy with the treatment so far, we never have to wait too long and would recommend to anyone!

--Bar F. 2015

My overall experience with your practice was amazing. I always felt care for and well informed. 

--Henry S. 2015

Henry is the oldest of our four children-all of whom will need orthodontics. Despite the long trip from Brookline we will constantly be using Dr. Ma for all the work. We have been very happy with all aspects, the treatment and love. 

--Steven S. (Henry's dad) 2015

My son had his braces done in Dr. Ma's office. Dr. Ma is extremely professional, caring and experienced. She has provided the best quality care for my son in the past four years. Every time we visited her office, we enjoyed the warm and friendly environment. Every time we called Dr. Ma when my son had an issue with his braces, her response was always immediate, no matter it was on a weekend or holiday, our concerns would be addressed and issue be taken car of. The result of Dr. Ma's treatment has been satisfactory. Now I can clearly see the positive change in my son's self-confidence that comes from his great smile. Dr. Ma is the best orthodontist, I highly recommend her. 

--Emma W. 2015

My overall experience is very Positive. Although treatment took time, I understood that the time was well spent. Also, the interior design and art are nice additions to the atmosphere. The whole stafff and Dr. Ma are so kind, friendly and caring. I always felt in good hands. There was always an effort made to make the process as comfortable as possible. 

--William H. 2015

Every time I came for an appointment, my teeth were treated very well and it was a joy to see the progression of my teeth changing.

--Hannah R. 2015

Dr. Yuci Ma has been a great experience as far as orthodontists/dentists go, for me, I have had serious problems with my teeth since I was in high school, grinding, TMJ, jaw soreness/pain etc. My Mom never got me braces when the problem could have been fixed much earlier so I have been wearing night-guards when I can afford them and at $300 a pop and an average use time of about 1 yr as a Graduate student, well, you can imageine that my teeth are ground down to nothing, open bite, crooked and all around a mess. I have had multiple orthodontic consults and the orthodontists have either laughed at me (seriously) or told me that I need to have my jaw broken, surgery, then braces etc. Dr. Ma is the first orthodontist to actually say "I can fix this" and so far she has been as good as her word. The first thing she did was correct my jaw problem with a MAGO (some call this a splint, I believe). There were immediate changes to my face (and the best part is I almost immediately stopped grinding my teeth). My wife actually thinks I look more handsome (ha). My mother-in-law, without even knowing that I had anything done asked my wife if I got plastic surgery (apparently my face was messed up in her opinion, haha). In any case, got the TMJ fixed pretty quickly, in about a month (two months ahead of schedule), got my lower braces on and apart from some initial discomfort, everything is going great (by the way, get braces as an adult if you want to lose some weight). The office staff is great, the offices are nice and clean and modern, Dr. Ma has all sorts of certificates for extra hightly-specialized training in orthodonture and really knows what she is talking about. The best part is she is now pretty confident that she can fix everything without surgery. It's hard to explain how amazing it is when you get teeth fixed as an adult. I had sort of resigned myself to having bad teeth forever. Dentures by the time I was in my 50's was pretty much a done deal. Dr. Ma has saved my teeth and I love her. 

--Paul G. 2015

I am very satisfied with the work Dr. Ma did with me. Everything went well and the end result is very good. Dr. Ma and her staff did a very good job at explaining what everything was doing and how to use everything. My overall experience with the practice was excellent and everybody helped make going through braces easier. 

--James Y. 2015

The experience was an amazing one! I am especially thankful for the countless times when an assistant or the doctor has come in early to correct poking wires. Thank you.

--Maya F. 2015

One thing that was very helpful was the excellent communication about the treatment. Thanks for the patience with all of my questions.

--Sharon F. 2015

Before Dr. Ma I felt that my teeth would never be fixed. Dr. Ma and her staff were able to get my teeth to where they and I wanted them. There were no uncertainties with the process because Dr. Ma details her plan for each patient and knows each case very well. My experience with Dr. Ma and her staff was such a positive one. I’m so happy with how my teeth have turned out!

--Jeremy Y. 2015

“Yuci is not only my dentist, but my friend now. Throughout my entire experience with her, both Yuci and her staff have consistently shown genuine care and dedication to my health. It seems that after each appointment, I walk out the door with an even brighter, straighter smile! It is obvious that Yuci works daily with dedication, patience, and care. Her staff is incredible, kind, supportive, thoughtful and friendly”.

---Annabel S. 2014

“It feels amazing to have my braces off and to have an awesome smile! The whole process was so worth it, especially with Yuci. I really appreciate her hard work, focus, patience, and kindness. Go Yuci!”

--Libby S. 2014

“I am so impressed with the beautiful results! I am much more confident and happy now with my straight teeth. Thank you Dr. Ma, and staff, for your hard work and patience these 2 years and for putting up with me even when I was a little grouchy. Keep working your magic!”

--Alissa W. 2014

“Our oldest daughter suffered migraines for years. As soon as Dr. Ma started treatment to realign her bite, the headaches subsided. We are convinced that her treatment methods are superior to other orthodontists. Now we all owe our happy smiles to Dr. Ma and staff”

--Jean F. 2014

3 years agao I began to notice that my teeth weren’t straight and I really didn’t like that. Apparently, my dentist saw the same thing. But then I saw my older brother get his braces from Dr. Ma and I thought that it would be great to get my braces from her. Years later, I get asked to take pictures for my teeth! Thanks to Dr. Ma, I have more self-esteem! A few years ago when Prithul came to see Dr. Ma, he was having problems with his bite as his teeth were not aligned. Our family dentist, Dr. Hong Dong, referred Prithal to Dr. Ma. Prior to his referral, his elder brother Pathik had been referred to Dr. Ma for his problem and had benefited from the treatment. When we look back, we can happily conclude that is was the right decision to bring our sons to see Dr. Ma. Because of Dr. Ma, our sons now have nice smiles with better biting, too. And of course, the kids have more self-esteem too. Thanks to Dr. Ma and her staff.

--Prithal & His Parents. 2013

“Amazing Awesome! Dr. Ma is a total perfectionist, a master of her craft. I am so grateful for having such a wonderful and compassionate and fantastically talented orthodontist. After almost 3 years of treatment I am finally going to have the smile I have always wanted. The staff is friendly and the facility immaculate. When you have Dr. Ma as your orthodontist, you are in good hands. I cannot say enough, she is the Best!! Thank you Dr. Ma and staff. I am forever grateful!”

--Heather C. 2013

“I have two children that are patients of Dr. Ma. While she is tremendously capable, professional and probably one of the best orthodontists you can find, I am most impressed by how she cares for her patients. She gets to know each of them and is a complete perfectionist. She loves to see their beautiful smiles when her work is done. I have recommended her to everyone I know and will continue to do so.”

--Brenda D. 2013

“My son George Li is a 16 year old piano prodigy, who was invited by the White House to perform for President Obama at the State Dinner welcoming the German Chancellor on June 8, 2011. George performed at Carnegie Hall when he was 11 years old. Three years ago I searched for the best orthodontist since his appearance is extremely important for his professional career as a piano concert artist.

After comparing many orthodontists by talking to their references and having personal interviews with the orthodontists themselves, we selected Dr. Yuci Ma. Three years later, my wife and I have found that choosing Dr. Yuci Ma to be George’s orthodontist was the best decision we’ve made in our lifetime.

Because of this, we sent our second son, Andrew Li, to Dr. Ma. We are completely satisfied with Andrew’s significant improvement. We would like to express our deepest gratefulness to Dr. Ma for the wonderful job she has done with both our sons. In many recent concerts that George has performed, his fans noticed significant improvement in George’s facial appearance and congratulated him.”

--- Mr. and Mrs. Li. 2012

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