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My wife and I found that choosing Dr. Yuci Ma to be George’s orthodontist was the best decision we’ve made. Because of this, we sent our second son, Andrew.

Thank you, Dr. Ma, I finally have a beautiful smile. This is the best decision I’ve made for myself. Dr. Ma and her team are great and careful. They made the process a lot less painful with care. Thank you again.

We are very pleased about the outcome of Ruth’s smile. Pretty!! I am glad we found Dr. Ma!

3 years agao I began to notice that my teeth weren’t straight and I really didn’t like that. Apparently, my dentist saw the same thing. But then I saw my older brother get his braces from Dr. Ma and I thought that it would be great to get my braces from her. Years later, I get asked to take pictures for my teeth! Thanks to Dr. Ma, I have more self-esteem!

Dr. Ma knows what she’s doing, so it was very easy to trust her with my teeth. Dr. Ma was very helpful, she answered all of our questions. We believe she is that best orthodontist!

I am so impressed with the beautiful results! I am much more confident and happy now with my straight teeth. Thank you Dr. Ma, and staff, for your hard work and patience these 2 years and putting up with me even when I was a little grouchy... keep working your magic!

Dr. Ma and the staff were great and really thorough, I really love my teeth now!

Dr. Ma’s office is the place to go for orthodontic care. Not only will you leave with great teeth but also with a big smile!!

I used to think that my crooked teeth were fine but Dr. Ma showed me the true potential of what my teeth would look like. Thank you Dr. Ma and all staff members!