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3 years agao I began to notice that my teeth weren’t straight and I really didn’t like that. Apparently, my dentist saw the same thing. But then I saw my older brother get his braces from Dr. Ma and I thought that it would be great to get my braces from her. Years later, I get asked to take pictures for my teeth! Thanks to Dr. Ma, I have more self-esteem!

A few years ago when Prithul came to see Dr. Ma, he was having problems with his bite as his teeth were not aligned. Our family dentist, Dr. Hong Dong, referred Prithal to Dr. Ma.  Prior to his referral, his elder brother Pathik had been referred to Dr. Ma for his problem and had benefited from the treatment. When we look back, we can happily conclude that is was the right decision to bring our sons to see Dr. Ma. Because of Dr. Ma, our sons now have nice smiles with better biting, too. And of course, the kids have more self-esteem too. Thanks to Dr. Ma and her staff.